Why Is The Popularity Of Luxury Vehicle Rental Companies Increasing?

People love to take long drives in their cars. It is the best way of beating the stress and getting the much-needed rejuvenation you need. I have always been a car lover and thankfully have a make enough money to acquire some luxury and custom-made cars.

Many ask me why I invest so much in vehicles. I have always been fascinated by the speed and horsepower that high-throttle vehicles provide you.

As soon as you turn the engine on, you will feel its power and speed pulsating through your veins. I love to experience that rush every time I hold the steering in my hands.

Acquiring Luxury Cars

The cost of luxury cars is high, meaning that not all will be able to afford these vehicles. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy a ride in these cars. Many car rental companies have come up on the market which gives us the option of choosing the car that catches our fancy. Earlier, people did not have the opportunity to rent cars. But not all could afford to purchase a luxury car immediately.

Rental Companies

Thus, the need was felt to set up such rental companies that would give ordinary people to get the feel of traveling in style. They may not be able to purchase the car forever, but they can surely rent it for one day. I have been monitoring the car leasing market closely, and I can assure you that renting a luxury car for a day or two will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Moving In Style

I drove normal cars during my early days. There was a time when I did not have enough money to purchase my car. But my job required me to travel from one place to another frequently. It was not possible for me to rely on public transportation systems as sometimes I had to hit the road in the middle of the night. So you can very well imagine that I was a complete mess. In those days, the car rental companies came to my rescue. As I started making money, I started saving money and then I bought my first car. There is no shame in accepting that I loved my car far more than I loved my then-girlfriend.


Not much in the ordinary cars will attach your eyes. There are all basic elements that you can find in almost all vehicles. But the same cannot be said about the luxury cars. They have special features like audio-visual entertainment gears, food and beverage storing area, and improved safety features. Stepping into the luxury cars is like getting into a luxury hotel on wheels.


Most of my luxury cars are custom made. I get to choose the seat leather, the entertainment sets, and safety aspects on my own. I make the selection, and the car manufacturing company puts it all together so that I can cruise in style. If you do not have much cash to spend, then the car rental companies are just a call away.

Top 3 cities to visit in France

France is no doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Whether on a romantic getaway or on a family vacation, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time with your spouse or with your wife and kids.

If you have time on your hands and you are looking for things to do in France, we would suggest a tour of the French cities. Let’s look at our top 3 picks of cities to visit when in France.

The City of Paris

The City of Paris popularly referred to as the “City of Love” is not only the best city to visit in France but also the best travel destination in the world period! This is evident in the fact that it attracts over 45 million visitors from around the world every year.

Paris is famous for its romantic ambiance in addition to entertainment, fashion, art and culture. Its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe are known world over thereby attracting millions of visitors to the city.

This should definitely be the starting point of your luxury car rental tour of the French cities. Just be careful because there is so much on offer, you may end up not visiting any other city.

The Port City of Bordeaux

If you appreciate fine architecture, a good shopping experience, historic sites, exceptional art and cultural heritage then the Port City of Bordeaux is the place for you. This city is located just a few kilometers inland from the Atlantic Ocean which is about half an hour drive.

The city is home to over 350 historic landmarks and structures such as the medieval churches as well as the Ponte de Pierre which is a fascinating old bridge. Bordeaux is also home to the Place de la Bourse, a stunning piece of architecture with a mirror-like effect.

When visiting the Port City of Bordeaux, you cannot consider your trip complete until you take a drive through its renowned wine country where you will get an opportunity to appreciate the chateaux, vineyards and scenic villages as well as sample the wines.

The City of Lyon

The City of Lyon is the third largest in France, and a place you will most definitely enjoy if you appreciate a vibrant cultural scene, historic architecture and French cuisine. This city gives you a wide variety of options as it is made up of districts with each having its own unique offerings.

You will get to enjoy an array of things such as restaurants and bars offering sumptuous food and drinks, an opportunity to explore hundreds of hidden passageways, as well as get to explore Gothic churches and Roman ruins. The things to experience are bountiful that you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

A tour of the cities of France is definitely something you must purpose to do and for sure, you will not be able to exhaust what this beautiful country has to offer. Even if you had your entire lifetime, chances are you wouldn’t even get to experience half of it.…

What to Look For In a Luxury Car Rental in Cannes

If there was ever a place that just made you envision class and luxury, it would have to be Cannes. This city is located in the French Riviera. You may know the name from the fancy annual film festival that they hold there. It is the location where people get the pulse of the entertainment and film world.

It is also best known for luxury hotels as the nearby areas are Saint-Tropez, Monaco, and Nice. While most people will go there for the water sports or the gambling, there are the few that realize how lovely it is to go for a drive in the well-built streets of Cannes.

If you want to see the sights that it has to offer, it would be smart to have a vehicle of your very own. Of course, if you are a tourist, this means looking to find a good luxury car rental in Cannes from http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/france/cannes/. So when you do find a rental agency, what should you look for in your vehicle of choice?

Here are a few tips for you:

Look For Performance

Cannes is the home to pretty special roads. There are winding roads which lead to establishments that are centuries old. The roads may not be as paved as you would have wanted it to be. For example, the Monastery de la Verne is a definite must see location. However, the roads that lead people there can be a little precarious for lesser vehicles.

 As such, it would be good to hire a car that can handle rough roads, like if you rent a Jeep in Miami. A vehicle that can perform should be one of the qualities that you should look for. You can opt for an SUV type vehicle or a high-class sedan if you are interested in performance. Make sure that the car is well-tuned before you choose it.

Look For Comfort

Driving around or even getting driven around requires the essence of comfort. After all, there would be no fun in seeing beautiful sights if your legs are cramped and your bottom is bruised. Newer vehicles have plush interiors and good suspension systems so that you are at the very pinnacle of comfort.

In Cannes, rental companies often have high end vehicles as a part of their fleets. You can look to renting out a BMW or a Benz and other high class vehicles that were made for comfort.

Look For Luxury

You are in one of the most luxurious places in the world. Of course it would make sense to have a touch of that in your trip when you get car rentals from Hotwire or Apex. As Cannes is well-known for the rich locals, the car rental companies expect clients that would like to live-it-up a notch.

As such, you can choose to rent out a sports car like the ones that Audi has or you can live out a James Bond fantasy and rent out an Aston Martin.

To Close

Rental vehicles do not have to be the usual ones that you find all over the world. Do yourself a favor and look for the qualities that we mentioned above and fully enjoy your trip to Cannes.

They Cater To All Occasions

The luxury car rental companies provide cars for any event. Be it a marriage ceremony, or family picnic, or a long drive with your partner or getting to a business conference, these manufacturing agencies have a car to meet all your needs.

Are you a high school student? Have you flunked your driving test yet again? Is the annual homecoming or prom right around the corner? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then get in touch with these agencies. They have special limos for these special occasions. Do not worry as the rent is well within the budget of all students. It will not only surprise your date but will assist her to understand how special she is to you. How do I so much about this? Well, I did the same during my senior prom.

Apart from entertainment, these rental agencies also provide cars for business purpose as well. Suppose you are heading out of town to attend a meeting. It is not possible for you to carry your luxury car with you. But you also need to make a good impression. It does not look good if you reach the venue in a cab. You are representing your company.

If you succeed in making a good impression, your company will also do the same. During these occasions, these car rental agencies emerge as lifesavers. During my early career days, I used the same trick.