Welcome to the year 2018 where we summon complete strangers and ride in their cars. This may sound like a sketchy deal but it actually isn’t. Businesses that have the platform of ‘summoning’ private cars and using them like taxis have been booming since they entered the market.

This, as you can imagine, drew up comparisons with longstanding car rental companies. People started to look at the two and wonder why they still needed to rent out vehicles when they can just call in an Uber with a specific seat number.

We’re not saying that Uber and the other businesses like it aren’t good. They really are. They’re providing more options for commuters on what they can make use of. However, car rental companies are still a whole different breed of service. Here are a few reasons why it’s still better than an Uber:

Prolonged Usage

An Uber is usually only as good as something to get you from your point of origin to your destination. It is not something that you can have waiting for you for a prolonged period of time. A rental car is something that is solely set for your usage in the specified amount of time that you have it loaned in your name.

Controlled Vehicle Options

While you can specify how many seats you will need, you cannot actually select the sort of vehicle that you will get when you call in an Uber. When you rent out a vehicle from a rental agency, you will be able to choose the exact type, make, and even the brand of the car that you want to use. This is a lot better as you can match the vehicle to the event that you will need it for.

Additional Services

When you call in an Uber, the rider is subjected to the whims and capriciousness of the driver. While there are Uber drivers that are kind and add extra services (like snacks, drinks, or even karaoke), these are not assured each time.

When you rent out a vehicle from a rental company, you get to choose and be assured that the features that you choose will and should be available to you on the day of rental. If you were renting the vehicle out for a special occasion like a wedding or a bachelorette party, you can ask the rental company to decorate the vehicle for it.

Also, you will have the option of driving the chosen vehicle itself. As Uber vehicles are usually privately owned, there is a very slim chance that you will be allowed behind the wheel.

To Conclude

Uber is good in its field. However, in the field of car rentals, it cannot match the services and options that patrons can utilize. So the two shouldn’t really be compared but in the event that they are, car rentals still stand head and shoulders above Uber and other services like it.

Why do you think that a luxury car rental is still better than an Uber?