Take a trip in an English supercar

Jaguar has been one of England’s top supercar for decades with models winning awards and holding long-standing records it is a car that not only boasts unique interior craftsmanship and luxury but is also a mark of engineering excellence.

3 Jaguars that are sure to boost any drive

#1           The Jaguar F-Pace
2017 World car awards saw the F-Pace take home more than one award including the car of the year. This elegantly sleek SUV with its beautiful stylish looks and grace has hardcore engineering designed to hand any road in any condition with ease with no discomfort to its driver and passengers.

Its enhanced, advanced safety features and superior road handling capabilities keep this car glued to the road as it handles twists, curves and bumps with ease. Making it a top choice for a family and it environmentally friendly with its low emissions while being fuel efficient!

Innovative technology makes driving in the city a breeze while everyone in the car has ample room and comfortable seats to sit back and enjoy the trip.

#2           The Jaguar XJ
A supercharged V6 engine, 340 horsepower with 332 lb-ft torque makes this a powerful machine with the added control of its superior road handling capabilities and advanced safety features.
The car offers you all the looks and power of a sports car in a four-door full-sized luxury vehicle that seats five adults with leg room to spare.

The adaptable suspension will make you feel as if you are floating on air as it effortlessly handles the road bumps and knocks with no discomfort to its passengers. Its luxurious interior is designed with passenger and drivers comfort and safety in mind. It has high-tech entertainments systems with 14 in car speakers and all the latest technology.

#3           The Jaguar F-Type
Cruise with the top down in this unique convertible beauty with its unmistakable sleek Jaguar pedigree lines.  A 2 door, 2-seater sports car with a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine and 335 horsepower superfast responsive engine.

Increased steering performance and advanced safety features make it easy to control enabling the driver to handle the car at any speed with confidence. The luxurious interior keeps the occupants in comfort and style with the latest state of the art high tech systems for cabin control and entertainment.


Whilst we dream of flying down a motorway in one of the worlds most famous supercars handling it with the precision of an experienced racing car driver as we soak up the raw power and thrill at speed, we must remember there are other people on the roads.

Some not as experienced as you might be, others could have been driving for hours so always stay alert, stick the speed limits and be courteous to other drivers.  But if you do want to go open your car up to test its limits there are some race tracks that do allow the public to utilize their facilities.